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Welcome to SIRM

SIRM is an institute that focuses on preventative, sustainable and regenerative medicine. The founders, Mr Nils Bokström and Dr Janethy Balakrishnan, have been working with patients in the anti-aging and aesthetic fields for two decades. This evolved into a more established, systemic, sustainable, holistic practice to healthcare and that led to the inception of SIRM in 2008.

We believe that aging should not be associated with degenerative diseases that are dependant on daily allopathic medication. 
As long as we live, we should aim for a vital, functional and vibrant life. Very often, this means that we are to step away from daily allopathic medications and adopt effective lifestyle changes.


Pioneering the best from the past
The pioneers behind SIRM, Mr Nils Bokström and Dr Janethy Balakrishnan, believe health is a basic human right and is everyone’s personal responsibility. Health care should be encouraged and not just delivered and this is advocated by empowering people with truthful information. They focused their entire careers to unravel the mysteries behind health-span and ways to achieve optimum health in congruence with one’s environment. They went back into history and investigated the basics of ancestry diets, in relation to human biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and lifestyle; as to why our ancestors lived more effective and functional lives by simply consuming minimally processed food.

They then separated common denominators and implemented successful clinical protocols that by adopting appropriate diets and certain changes to our lifestyle, we too can live without daily medication and add vital years to our life, at minimal cost in the long term.

Re-introducing a 5000-year old solution in a breakthrough, innovative way!
SIRM now champions this revelation by re-introducing a safe, sustainable natural plant food from a traceable source that has been successfully used for over 5000 years. This natural, edible fat has generations of proof for having worked well to provide our ancestors a very energetic, agile and remarkably healthier life.

The secret rests in Palm Kernel Butter!

Switch to a healthier revolution

If there is a healthier way to prevent, regenerate and sustain our good health and improve our metabolic functions, would we reconsider? That's what Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter is all about. Read on and see its major difference and the numerous outstanding benefits! It's a whole new refreshing, analytical, scientific way to look at fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, diets, fasting, metabolic functions and the overall concept of health, dieting and the changes needed in our lifestyle.

What sets Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S Palm Kernel Butter apart?

G-B-S stands for Gut, Brain and Skin connection. Five years ago, SIRM created the first series of G-B-S, a nutrient powder which consists of a proprietary blend of 23 different nutrients which has helped numerous patients regain their health. Due to the success and good track record of G-B-S, the nutrient powder, S.I.R.M. confidently transformed the concept and philosophy behind G-B-S into an oil food supplement that's both consumable and usable for topical applications. So, in a nutshell, Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter helps restore the body’s homeostasis system that often goes off-balance due to aging. Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter helps retrain our body’s metabolic pathway to efficiently metabolize food and burn fat as it did in our youthful days. This goes a long way to help improve our body on a cellular and hormonal level as well as enhance our overall immune system


PKB is the abbreviation of Palm Kernel Butter. It is the oil that is extracted from the kernel of the palm fruit. For the first time in history, SIRM directly introduces the innovative and creative use of palm kernel butter  to consumers. Due to its unique fatty acid composition, PKB has many profound health benefits.

Palm Kernel Butter

Proof Of Concept

Our work spans between Sweden, Malaysia and Germany.  S.I.R.M. has successfully taken patients off their diabetic, hypertensive and cholesterol lowering drugs as well as brought down the percentage of body fat. The success lies in proper nutrition with an in depth knowledge on how, what and when to eat. The key lies in treating chronic inflammation and chronic oxidative stress.

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Avoiding every day dangers

Today, we are consuming way too much polyunsaturated and transfats as found in processed food. The only essential polyunsaturated fat that SIRM encourages is EPA and especially DHA in fat fish and algae for vegetarians. Omega 6 is found abundantly in food.
Unlike saturated or monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats tend to be liquid even when refrigerated. Polyunsaturated fat also go rancid easily, particularly when heated and they have a shorter shelf life compared to saturated fats. This rancidity can cause free radical damage in our body, which leads to chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

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