What does the G-B-S in Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter stand for?

G-B-S stands for Gut, Brain and Skin. Gut and brain share similar neurological transmitters. As such, physical and mental health indirectly start from the gut and skin.  Internal health is reflected externally on our skin. Therefore, in a nutshell, Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter helps restore the body’s homeostasis system that goes ‘off balance’ as we age. With G-B-S, we are thriving to retrain our body’s metabolic pathway to efficiently metabolize food and burn fat as it did in our youthful days. Indirectly, we can improve our body on a cellular and hormonal level plus enhance our immune system.

What is the connection between gut, brain and skin?

The gut behaves as the second brain as it shares important neurotransmitters that govern the satiety centre, which influence our dietary habits. For instance, there is more serotonin produced in the gut compared to the brain. Our gut governs our emotions, temperaments and instincts as the ENS (Enteric Nervous System) is connected to the CNS (Central Nervous System) through the vagus nerve.

It is also of foremost importance that the gut has to be healthy in order to absorb and utilize vital nutrients. The gut, brain and skin are derived from the same embryonic layer and hence they share many neural pathways and hormonal signalling systems. The external environment also determines our state of health as there are lots of toxins that are absorbed through our skin.

The microbiome which resides mainly in the gut and the skin plays a vital role in epigenetics. Epigenetics determines our gene expressions. Although our genes are important in determining our health, the environment is more important in influencing our overall health, healing and recovery. That's why G-B-S and particularly the skin is a key factor. As mentioned earlier, DNA loads the gun, but it's the environment that pulls the trigger. A child checks out most things via the mouth and taste, but adults pick up vibrations through their skin.

Has Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter's Benefits been proven?

PKB has been used by people with various health problems. This includes those with a high percentage of fat, both subcutaneous and visceral fat. Within weeks of regular consumption, a significant drop in the % of fat was observed. Other patients with high blood pressure, dyslipidemia or diabetes of various stages have seen remarkable results within weeks. The results were derived from changes observed from the diagnosis of their body composition and various blood bio-marker tests.

Is there clinical proof or real-life testimonies to prove that Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter' really works?

Among the numerous improvements that were reported and testified by users of Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter is that the inflammatory bio-markers have improved. Before-After results of hormonal, lipid and thyroid level profiles showed positive improvements. Some reported significant relief from joint pains while others testified that such pains were totally gone. There were many in whom it was observed that Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter helped raise their energy levels and improved their perceived cognitive functions.

Between Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and PKB, which is better, more beneficial or superior?

PKB has showed a stronger detox effect on almost every user who switched from VCO to PKB.

Almost all users of Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter have clearly acknowledged and endorsed that it's more palatable as an oil food supplement. They mentioned that its neutral taste and smell does not affect their cooking or drinks and helps maintain the original taste, flavour and aroma. Hence, Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter offers greater versatility for usage in cooking, without altering the flavour or taste except positively increasing the overall nutritional benefits and value of our cooking.

How does Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter fit into my daily diet?

Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter is considered a functional food. We can use it as a whole or in part for our morning breakfast or any meal. It's an ideal healthy supplement to be added to any hot beverage. We can also mix it into our home-made muesli for breakfast. It's also an ideal spread or “topping” in our meals or cooking, be they salads, fried eggs, bread etc. Just spread some Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter over them after they are prepared and feast! We can also add it to our yoghurt. It is one of the most stable vegetable oil in high heat (when used below smoke point or less than 230 degrees Celsius). So, we can add it into any hot dish, be it rice, curry, potatoes, etc.

How about its rancidity?

Since it's saturated, it hardly turns rancid and we can also re-use it. It's also non-sticky and non-flammable, unlike polyunsaturated and trans-fats.
In view of the above mentioned qualities, Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter is also ideal for use in skincare applications. It is a superb moisturizer on its own or as a carrier oil.

Could you tell me more about carbohydrate-intolerance?

Diabetics (insulin resistant) generally are actually intolerant to refined and processed carbohydrates, with the exception of fibres. This is a phrase S.I.R.M. uses to differentiate Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter as a way to treat those who seek a non-dairy, gluten-free, non-GMO diet. It's also recommended for those who are suffering from gluten intolerance or dairy/lactose intolerance. It is a great supplement for those who are on a low-carbohydrate diet which only allows dietary fibres.

Whom does Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter benefit most?

Those above 35 years of age, who observe a drop in their overall metabolic efficiency, will benefit most. That's because, our optimum metabolic efficiency declines with age. To offset this decrease, we need to supplement or boost it. Here's where Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter helps in 3 significant ways:
a) Slows down the decline in metabolic rate if used early
b) Helps speed up regeneration of affected cells and organs
c) With continued consumption, PKB helps sustain metabolic efficiency and reduces inflammation.
Those suffering from metabolic disorders, auto-immune deficiencies, cancer-prone symptoms, are benefiting from Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter, according to our clinical experience

Are there any side effects?

As mentioned earlier, PKB has been used for over 5000 years, with no known side effects. However, some people may experience a “cleansing process” where Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter may help mildly detox our body, especially in people who may have not detoxified their body for a long time.

Can Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter help to lower chronic inflammation and chronic oxidative stress.

Yes. The profile of the fatty acids in PKB has been proven to reduce inflammation. In addition to incorporating PKB to our diet, we should consider a few other lifestyle changes to create even better results.
By bringing down the percentage of body fat and carefully monitoring the nutrition on how, what and when to eat, we have successfully helped various patients stop their dependence on their diabetic, hypertension and cholesterol lowering drugs. Its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties have among others helped treat patients with the above mentioned health problems.

What are the macronutrients that can sustain us if we stop taking carbohydrates (except fibres)? Where can we get them from?

Carbohydrates (or glucose) can be synthesized from proteins and fats in our diet. SIRM advocates foods that are wholesome, fresh and as unprocessed as possible. Basically, eating when we are hungry and not out of habit or routine is recommended.

Can you give examples of vegetables (grown above ground) and fruits that can contribute to the carbohydrates needed by my body?

Simple examples include leafy vegetables, beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, peas and capsicum, to name a few. However, avoid potatoes and carrots, as the starch turns into sugar when boiled. The only exception to this rule are sweet potatoes and yam. The Paleo-Diet is also a good guide. SIRM also advocates the consumption of seasonal fruits

Which is better - PKB or PKO?

PKB is fortified PKO. Hence, PKB is better and Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter is definitely the most convenient, fastest, most hygienic way to consume PKB

What are the benefits of lauric acid and myristic acid?

Lauric acid is well known for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits, while myristic acid has been proven to relief joint pains, etc.

What's adiponectin?

It's an anti-inflammatory hormone secreted by our body fat. Hence it helps lower chronic inflammation and also helps shed excess fat.

Does Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter change or lose its properties or benefits if used in deep frying or mixed with other liquids?

No. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the most stable vegetable oil in high heat (when used below smoking point of 230 degrees Celsius). So, we can deep fry it or add it into any hot dish, and its nutritive benefits will remain intact. This has been confirmed in lab tests, high temperature for long durations (5 days) and re-heating up to 30 times.

In a nutshell WHAT would you recommend to eat, HOW and WHEN?

A diet high in saturated fat, low carbohydrate and medium protein is ideal. If we can practice intermittent fasting the results will be even better. The 16-8 method i.e. where we can fast for 16 hours and have 2 meals within a period of the remaining 8 hours is easy to adhere to. Try squeezing the meals into an 8-hour period and then fast for 16 hours (if possible have only 2 meals i.e. either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner) periodically and see how it feels. We should be able to generally notice a positive difference. With regular practice, it will become a way of life and our body will adapt to it. Another method is, eat as usual for 5 days and then fast for 2 non-consecutive days. The brain has a rewards centre or satiety mechanism to control our dietary intake. By intermittent fasting and rewarding our body for being disciplined, we can attain better overall results.

The only instruction SIRM gives is to stop eating when we are full, i.e. do not over eat. It is important to chew thoroughly and eat slowly in order to optimize our satiety centre. It is a good habit to consume our dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime.

What's our idea of a preventive approach to sickness & health in a nutshell?

Work on doing changes to our diet. If we focus on it by about 70% as stated above, and then do 20% positive changes to our sleep hygiene, as well as focus a minimum of 10% on our activity levels, making sure we do not sit down at any one time for over 15 minutes, then we will be on the right track towards preventing many common illnesses.

In what way does Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter revolutionize our idea of good health?

Unlike popular belief, cholesterol does more good for you than carbohydrates. Animal derived products and food have cholesterol, while plant based food and vegetable oils do not. Hence, Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter is free from cholesterol and transfats. There are numerous studies that prove cholesterol is good for us and we should not manipulate the values. Most cellular activity, repairs and rejuvenation are enhanced by the presence of cholesterol. PKB contributes positively to our health by ensuring that regular consumption from as early as our mid-30's helps PREVENT, REGENERATE and SUSTAIN good health and better metabolic functions.  

Who manufactures and markets Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter?

Dr. Jane Bokström G-B-S' Palm Kernel Butter is part of a series of products developed by SIRM of Uppsala, Sweden and produced and distributed by WAAP Sdn Bhd. It was developed for consumption by all those who aim to maintain their metabolic efficiency as well as those who feel that it is beginning to decline or has already declined and needs to be revived. SIRM is also the Institute which developed the Dr. Jane Bokstrom G-B-S nutritional powder which is solely marketed through word of mouth. Each of it is a stand alone product. More products are in the pipeline...