Useful links

Fat: The New Health Paradigm - a fantastic overview over health and financial implications of saturated fats. Thanks Credit Suisse!

A Metabolic Paradigm Shift, or Why Fat Is the Preferred Fuel for Human Metabolism - a nice overview, and a strong stand point from the author, on the benefits of fat.

Benefits of saturated fats, looking at coconut oil as an example - Coconut oil and Palm Kernel Oil has very similar fatty acid compositions. This overview will give you insight on the benefits of the different acids.

The Importance of Saturated Fats for Biological Functions - Saturated fats are not only very tasty, they are also very important for a lot of different functions in our bodies. Read and learn how these fats are used by the body.

The Case for Nutritional Ketosis - a nice video from a fantastic webpage - - on the basics and science of nutritional ketosis.

Washington Post on fats and cholesterol. - A short introduction on why the public dietary advices seems to differ from what is actually healthy for you.

Saturated fats do not cause heart diseases - a good overview of the latest studies looking at the (non-existing) links between saturated fats and heart diseases.

The PURE study and heart diseases - a nice presentation by Dr. Salim Yusuf of the PURE study, showing the weak (non-existing?) links between saturated fats and heart diseases. Some comments from the blogger to make things clearer also.